Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to draw a dog

  1. Draw a circular shape and two floppy ears. Add also a vertical and horizontal line on the circular shape to serve as your guidelines. Make sure to use them as they will really help.
  1. down heart and a triangular shape with two cutout holes.
  2. Draw the dog's eyes. Remember to make the eyes as glossy as possible by drawing squiggly lines within his pupils.
  3. Draw small details such as the little circles on his nose and then lines for his eyelids and ears.
  4. Draw his paws with a series of four rounded triangular shapes on the left and to the right side of his face.
  5. Draw the details of his paws and arms.
  6. Outline your drawing. Use a black pen or marker to ink over your penciled sketch. After outlining your drawing, clean it up by erasing your penciled sketch and guidelines.
  7. Color him with colors such as gray, dark gray, black or brown.

Method Two: Line Drawing

  1. Make a small stick figure in the center of your drawing area. Add small legs but no arms.
  2. Create three dots on each side of the stick figure.
  3. Draw a circle around the stick figure. Make sure none of the stick's body parts or dots touch the circle.
  4. Create two half circles attached to the top of the main circle. These should be almost touching each other but not quite. They will be the eyes.
  5. Draw a semi-circle around the eyes. This will be the rest of the face.
  6. Add two small dots in the center of the eyes for pupils.
  7. Draw some ears. They can be floppy, pointy, however you want them!
  8. Don't forget the tongue, and the bow!

Edit Tips
  • There are some stories that can be used to remember how to draw the second dog's face:
    • There was a man (stick figure) had six children (three on each side). They would go to a park to play (circle). They had two rooms facing the park (eyes with the pupils). To travel from their home to the park they would walk a short distance (semi circle). There was a river on both sides (ears).
    • There was a man who had no arms (stick figure) and because he had no arms he cried and cried (dots around man). To cheer himself up he went to the fair and went on a Ferris wheel (circle), two haunted houses (eyes), and got two cotton candies (pupils). Then he went over a hill (top of head), went to a hot dog stand, and got two hot dogs (ears).
    • There once was a man (stick figure) who had bees chasing him (dots), so he jumped into a lake (circle). When he got out, he saw two caves (eyes and pupils) in the side of a hill (semi-circle) with two waterfalls coming off the side of the cave (ears).
    • There was a man with no arms (nose) who fell in a pond (muzzle). It started to rain (whiskers). He ran up a hill (top of head) and went to McDonald's (eyes) and he ordered two burgers (pupils) and fries (ears). Then he was happy (tongue).
    • There was once a man with no arms (nose) bees were chasing him (dots) so he hid in a cave (circle). He died, so he was buried at a graveyard (eyes). There were a holes in the gravestones (pupils) so all of the man's family were there (semi-circle), and they were crying (ears).
    • There was a man with no arms (Stick figure nose). He died, and was buried, (muzzle), then some flies came (dots). They gave the man 2 graves and colored in a rainbow on the bottoms of both (eyes w/ pupils). Then A BIG rainbow came (semi circle). And finally some cars came to visit the grave (ears).
    • There once was a man with no arms. He was really gross so he had flies all around him (dots). One day he went up a hill (muzzle) and he went up another (top of head). There were two pools at the top (eyes with pupils). There were also slides there. He slid down one side (ear) and the down another (other ear).
    • One time there was a man(stick figure) who was very clumsy so he cried a lot(dots). Once, he cried so much, he made a lake(circle)! So then his dog and cat died so he put up grave stones(eyes),but the words were all squished together(pupils). He went up a hill,(semi-circle) and went down slides!
    • There was a man (Nose and mouth), who had 6 children (dots). They all drowned (muzzle). The two oldest ones got a nice grave (eyes), while the younger 4 got 2 small graves to squeeze into (pupils). The father got a big grave watching over them all (Semi circle). At the funeral, many tears were shed (ears).
    • There was a man (Nose/Mouth) who had 6 children (dots) so he bought a pool (face), the pool sprung a leak (tongue) so they moved to the mountains higher and higher, (each eye) and even higher (face)when rocks fell (ears) they moved inside the caves (pupils)!

 Things You'll Need
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils
  • Ruler

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